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(Pocket-lint) - MyZone was one of the few companies at the Wearable Technology Show 2016 that actually announced something new. Following the launch of a women's sports bra integrating MyZone's effort-rewarding tech at CES 2016, it has used the London wearable show to introduce a men's compression top.

Like the sports bra, the top features embedded heart electrodes that connect to a clip-on MyZone MZ-3 module, which measures the user's heart rate and calories burned. This data is then transferred to the MyZone app via Bluetooth, enabling the user to analyse the information on a compatible device, whether that be a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or GPS sports watch.

The men's compression top will be available in red to begin with, followed by a range of colours and it will come in small, medium and large size offerings. It is manufactured from quick-drying, sweat-proof fabric and like other compression gear, it is designed to support muscles.

Alongside the new compression top, MyZone also announced a redesign of its app at the show. The new app is much cleaner and easier to understand than the current offering, delivering a more intuitive interface.

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New features include automatic connectivity to the MZ-3 module when training begins and a home button to allow users to access their newsfeed, social connections, workout data and challenges from the main screen. The ability to stream music whilst working out, post pictures Instagram-style and chat privately with other MyZone users without coming out of the MyZone app has also been integrated.

Additionally, the app will offer one-tap access to a user's MEP status, which refers to MyZone effort points, and details on how close they are to reaching their monthly goal.

MyZone has been around for a while, originating in premium gyms. It rewards effort no matter what level of fitness someone has or how they train, creating bespoke and responsive targets for each individual. A personal handicap is created based on a users maximum heart rate and MyZone's game-based platform allows users to compete in cloud-based challenges as well as offer a social side. 

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The MyZone app is free and the new iOS version will be available around the end of March 2016, while the Android version will launch around the beginning of April. The MyZone compression t-shirt costs £79.99 and is available now.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published on 15 March 2016.