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(Pocket-lint) - Nike and Apple have been in court for a while over the Nike+ Fuelband and now have agreed to terms that can make you money.

The two-year class action lawsuit was over the accuracy of the Fuelband. While Apple and Nike still haven't admitted fault they have agreed to payout.

This means anyone that bought a Nike+ Fuelband in a certain time period is owed money.

So, how do you claim your payout of either $15 cash or $25 of Nike vouchers?

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Do you qualify?

Only Nike+ Fuelbands sold in a certain period are eligible for refunds. Don't worry that's a really long time.

If you bought a Fuelband between 19 January 2012 and 17 June 2015 you're eligible for a payout from Nike.

How do you claim your money?

The process of claiming is relatively simple. There is an online form which you can fill out to get the necessary number to make your claim.

You will need your product ID number, but other than that you're good to go.

Head over to the source link below, or click here. Then enter your details and you'll be sent a claimant number so you can go on to decide if you want to the $15 cash or $25 Nike credit. Simple.

How long Nike will take to honour those payments is not clear.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 27 July 2015.