(Pocket-lint) - Moov Now is a second-gen wearable sports tracker, aiming to offer more than your average passive fitness band.

The Moov Now has ambitions to be a complete coach, not only tracking your activity, but monitoring how you're running, cycling, or swimming so that it can provide coaching feedback.

Moov Now claims to help you better achieve your fitness ambitions, by being able to advise on things like stride length when running, talking you through your riding or motivating you when things get tough. 

The sensor is designed to be unobtrusively worn, connecting to your smartphone with an app to control everything. The app (Android, iOS) will also be compatible with heart rate monitors, coming with programmes for a range of different sports.

Using your headphones, you'll be able to get voice guidance in real-time (when running for example) to help to improve your technique.

There will also be functions to help you compete with friends, connecting you through Moov so you can keep pushing each other onwards.

The battery will last for 6-months, it's dust and waterproof, slipping into the strap and is available in a number of colours.

The Moov Now will be available from Autumn 2015, with a regular price of $99 (£64). For early-birds, however, there's a discount, so you can get it for $59.99 (£45) if you pre-order.

Writing by Chris Hall.