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(Pocket-lint) - Jawbone has unveiled its new activity tracker, the UP2, to the UK where it is now available to buy.

Jawbone has been a little complicated of late with the flagship UP3 already out in the US. This was delayed as the company tried to create a waterproof version. This idea was eventually abandoned and the UP3, with heart rate sensor, was released immediately. There has been a delay for the UK but it is coming soon. First we get the heart rate sensor free UP2.

The UP2 is essentially the same as the UP24 in terms of performance. But it's had a complete design overhaul. It's now far smaller with all the intelligent components miniaturised into the top section of the wearable. The result is a new band which can be adjusted to fit any wearer's wrist.

The new top panel on the UP2 is touch sensitive and features three coloured icons to display activity. There's a human figure to denote activity tracking, a moon for sleep, and a message icon for alerts. Unlike on the UP24 the button has been ditched. Starting an activity, like a run, is done naturally as the UP2 will recognise it automatically. After the activity it asks, in the app, what type of activity and intensity was done during that period and logs it.

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To switch between activity tracking and sleep a double tap and press is all that's needed. This too is intelligent, so if you forgot to switch before bed it'll still know you were sleeping and track it anyway. This then shows light and deep and can wake you up with a vibration alert at your peak so you feel refreshed.

The UP2 is splash proof so can be worn in the shower but now for swimming. Jawbone says the UP2 will last 7 days on a charge.

Jawbone is all about algorithms and says the more a person uses the UP2 the better it's tracking accuracy will become. This also means the app can make intelligent suggestions to help improve health. So it might notice an early night meant you ate better (if you track food in the app too) and took more steps. It will then take action by offering to remind you to go to bed early that night.

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The UP2 is out now in the UK for £90 and comes in Black or Light Grey.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 June 2015.