Italian luxury brand Bulgari has unveiled a smartwatch at Baselworld, which has apparently become the new go-to place for companies, including Frederique Constant and Vector, to present their latest wearable gadgets.

The new smartwatch, called the Diagono Magnesium concept, is 100 per cent Swiss and NFC-enabled, according to Bulgari. It's currently being marketed as a luxury timepiece "completely opposite" from other "so-called" connected watches. The Diagono Magnesium, for instance, is described as a self-winding, mechanical watch that apparently works with a protected electronic passport called Luxury Wrist Vault.

The passport app has vast possibilities, Bulgari said, including: "making payments, logging in securelt to a digital community, opening doors, starting your car engine in the morning, getting exclusive access to a VIP lounge". You also never have to worry about your personal data being robbed by hackers, because Bulgari is emphasising that it partnered with WiseKey to offer maximum security and sensitive data storage.

The BBC claimed Bulgari's watch also has a microchip inside that protects digital data. Apart from that, there's no word yet on tech specs, release date, or even pricing.

Watch Bulgari's promotional video above to learn more about its new watch.

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