(Pocket-lint) - Halifax has announced that it created a proof of concept with the Nymi Band that could reinvent how we look at security. Using the band, which measures you heart rate, simply being alive could be enough to be biometrically recognised for secure access to your accounts.

The idea with this concept is that Halifax customers could use the Nymi Band instead of needing to remember passwords.

The Nymi Band uses an electrocardiogram (ECG) to recognise the wearer's heart rate. This is very specific to an individual, like a fingerprint or iris scan. The wearer would simply need to have the bottom of the band touching their skin and then make a connection by touching the top with their other hand. This would be enough to authenticate recognition and activate a secure status.

This would mean logging into anything in future may be totally seamless, without the user ever seeing a security window as the band will do all the logging in for them.

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Director of innovation and digital development, Marc Lien said: "Exploring innovative technology that will help deliver for our customers and enhance our overall capabilities is a real focus for us at the bank. We are in the very early stages of exploring potential uses for the Nymi Band and wearable technology more widely which will help us further understand how we can serve our customers in the way that best appeals to their needs."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.