(Pocket-lint) - NeuroOn looks like a thicker version of your average sleeping mask on first glance, but beneath its surface lies a whole different world of sleep monitoring. If you thought waking up to a graph presenting your light and deep sleep was exciting, then prepare to be amazed.

The NeuroOn sleep companion will be available to buy from Q3 of this year but we caught up with it at the Wearable Technology Show to see what it is capable of and how it plans to take control of your sleep.

Made from soft and comfortable materials, the NeuroOn sleep mask has a plain, simple design that is comfortable to wear. It's bigger than most sleeping masks but that's to be expected. There is a slot inside the front around 100mm wide where the smart element of the mask slots into and the NeuroOn will come in four designs, all of which are secured with an elastic strap. You'll also be able to wash the mask itself in a washing machine so it will remain nice and clean.


NeuroOn measures the EEG signals from your brain, along with your body temperature, blood saturation and pulse. It has a full palette of RGB colours to allow it to imitate dawn and wake you up as naturally as possible and it also claims to control and optimise naps to make sure you don't feel groggy after a 20-minute snooze.

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The NeuroOn requires you to set the time you need to wake up by on the accompanying Android or iOS app and it will then detect when you are in a light sleep and wake you up with the help of lights, vibrations and sound, although you can use set it to just use lights.


Charged via Micro-USB, the NeuroOn is said to last between three and four days and it features an internal memory so it doesn't need a constant Bluetooth connection. Through the app, you'll be able to control a whole host of features, as well as see a real-time translation of the EEG signals coming from the brain of the person wearing the mask. The app will also provide you with a sleep score to help you track how well you sleep, and give you advice on how to sleep better.

The company claims the NeuroOn sleep mask can help in all sorts of situations, such as provide advice on when to drink caffeine or what to do to maximise activity if you are preparing for an exam or an important meeting for example. One of the most stand out features is combating jet lag though.


The NeuroOn is said to use light therapy to help you adjust to new time zones better and the company said it can advance or delay your body clock by four hours. You have to input the date, origin and destination of your trip in the app, and the app will begin a session using the mask. If you were travelling to Tokyo for example, we were told you'd start the session roughly two days before so you become completely adjusted to the time zone, which sounds great. We love the idea of going across the pond and feeling as fresh as a daisy.

We didn't get a chance to test the NeuroOn sleeping mask properly ourselves but we did see the real-time results of the EEG signals transmitted from when someone else was wearing it. It's an interesting device that has a lot of potential and we are looking forward to trying it out to see how it performs in the real world. 

The NeuroOn sleeping mask will cost $299 and it can be pre-ordered from NeuroOn.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.