(Pocket-lint) - The Atlas Wristband from Atlas Wearables is a fitness monitor that tracks movement in 3D and automatically matches it to the correct exercise from its database.

It was one of the most impressive devices we came across at the Wearable Technology Show in London and we suspect it's one that a gym buff will fall head over heels in love with too, maybe even more so than the bench press.

The Atlas Wristband is a little strange looking, featuring a wide silicone band coupled with an even wider display that is around double the width of the band, therefore sticking out to the side. We quite liked how it looked though. It's different and it certainly draws your eye, especially with the bright yellow or green colour on the inside of the strap.


Even if you don't agree with our opinion on the design however, there is a good chance you'll be as impressed as we were with what this fitness band is capable of and its future potential. The Atlas Wristband uses aircraft-grade sensors to track "every nuance of exercise motion" in 3D. It then uses algorithms to analyse the activity and evaluate it to get you to your fitness goals. 

The Atlas Wristband has a database of numerous different exercises that it matches your movement to. It will recognise when you perform an air squat, crunch, push-up or russian twist, but it also knows when you have done reps of a barbell bicep curl, kettle bell swing or a dumbbell bench press so it's pretty smart.


We saw the it in action and it detected a bicep curl and lateral raise on separate occasions, without any problem whatsoever. Once the exercise has been categorised, the Atlas Wristband will also tell you the number of reps, sets, calories burned and your real-time heart rate but you can also add in the weight you were lifting if you want to. The only other thing we would like it to do that it doesn't yet, is link to MyFitnessPal, which we were told could be a possibility.

There are three modes on the Atlas Wristband comprising Freestyle, Coach and Watch. Freestyle Mode allows you to just workout without having to push any buttons or tell it what you are doing, like you have to do with some activity trackers. It will then build your analytics while you are exercising and give you feedback in the app.


Coach Mode enables you to find and create workout routines in the app to use. There is a timer and vibration alarm to mark the beginning and end of sets, while it tracks reps, rest and active time during your workout to measure your endurance. Watch Mode is pretty self explanatory - it's a watch, but it also keeps an eye on your steps too. 

The Atlas Wristband is water resistant up to 50 metres so it will be able to jump in the pool with you too and it won't just count your laps, it will track the number and kind of strokes you do, as well as the muscle groups strengthened.

In terms of other specs, there is a 120mAh battery capacity on board, charged via Micro-USB, and it has a 124 x 64 pixel resolution display. The Atlas Wristband will connect to your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth Smart and it comes with two 32-bit ARM M4 processors, as well as an 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and an optical heart rate sensor. We loved it and we can't wait to bring it to the gym with us and test it out properly. 

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The Atlas Wristband is available to pre-order now for $249.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.