Apple's first smartwatch is now available to pre-order. However, the Apple Watch sold out faster than you can say "early adopter" so even if you pre-order one now, it is unlikely to ship until May at the least.

If you want to queue on launch day, 24 April, you could still get one from the many retailers that will stock it day one, but other than that you are either facing a long wait or you might decide on an alternative device anyway.

That's why we've put together a round-up of some of the other smartwatches that are compatible with iPhone you could consider instead, even though you might have to wait for their release too. You might even save yourself a few bob, especially if you were considering the gold Watch Edition, which starts at £8,000.


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Pebble has a couple of smartwatches available already, namely the original Pebble Watch and the Pebble Steel. The company also announced the new full-colour Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel models at MWC 2015, if you are willing to wait for them. There are certainly plenty of options to choose from whether you want a smart or a more playful style.

The Pebble Steel offers a premium design, easy to use interface, great battery life and a continually expanding Pebble apps library. It will deliver emails, messages, texts and any other important notifications directly to your wrist and you'll also be able to control your music and change the straps. The Pebble Time, available from May, will build on the Steel by bringing a coloured face, new software, Timeline interface and it will support voice replies.

All Pebble watches also use e-paper displays, so consume far less power than the screens on the Apple Watch and other rivals. That means they can go a week or more without to be recharged.

PRICE: Starting from £99 at

Martian Watches

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Martian Watches has a number of smartwatches that all deliver notifications directly from your iPhone to your wrist, and there are even some that support voice command. Several styles are available including round and square models, both of which come in a variety of colours.

There are two collections of Martian watches – the Martian Voice Command and the Martian Notifier. The former models offer notification, hands-free texting, hundreds of voice commands, the ability to answer or place a call, as well as music and camera control. The Martian Notifier options on the other hand deliver your SMS, emails and other important notifications, but you won't be able to make or receive calls through the watch.

PRICE: From $129 at

G Shock

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The Bluetooth-equipped G-Shock watches offer incoming calls and email notifications, along with song recognition and music control. The G-Bluetooth will also automatically adjust the time so you won't have to worry about being late or early when you're travelling.

The G-Bluetooth is available in seven colours, all of which feature a two-year battery life, water resistance, stopwatch function and five daily alarms. They also have a display flasher, super-illuminator and airplane mode.

PRICE: Market dependant. More information at


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Despite being a Microsoft product, the Microsoft Band is iPhone compatible, which means you'll be able to get email previews and calendar alerts on your wrist, along with sleep tracking, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, guided workouts and GPS run mapping.

The Microsoft Band connects to the Microsoft Health service that is available as both an app and a web platform so you'll be able to monitor your fitness levels, but it also allows you to keep check on your text messages, incoming calls and social media notifications.

PRICE: $199.99 from the US Microsoft Store or, from 15 April in the UK at £169.99.

Alcatel OneTouch

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The Alcatel OneTouch Watch was announced at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, comes with a stainless steel body and is available in three models. This includes all-white options and a red/volcano black model. The straps aren't interchageable like the Pebble, but it features a built-in heart rate sensor and it is both water and dust resistant.

There are a number of apps available, as well as several watch faces and the Alcatel OneTouch will allow you to track your physical activities, as well as control your iPhone's camera, music player and answer or reject calls. The watch will also provide access to a notification centre by swiping up from the bottom.

PRICE: From $149 but not available yet.


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The Garmin Vivoactive was another iPhone compatible smartwatch announced at CES 2015, bringing the idea of the company's Vivofit sports band and expanding on it with the addition of lifestyle tracking functions, built-in GPS and smartphone notifications.

It works using Bluetooth Smart and it will allow you to track running, cycling, swimming and golf activities, as well as steps, sleep and workouts. Calls, messages, emails and calendar notifications will also be available on the Vivoactive and the watchfaces can be customised. Garmin claims that the battery will give you three weeks from a single charge.

PRICE: £199.99 from

i’m Watch

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The i'm Watch has a 1.54-inch display with a 240 x 240 resolution and it connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. There are several styles available including seven in the colour collection, five in the jewel collection and there is also a tech collection.

It doesn't track your activity, but the i'm Watch will allow you to check emails, SMS and social media notifications, as well as appointments, news, music, weather, photos and view your contacts. There is also an i'market that features a selection of apps for downloading onto the watch.



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The Cookoo 2 Connected Watch takes things down a slighty simpler path by offering an analogue face surrounded by digital notification symbols. You won't be able to see what a message or email says, nor who it is from, but a small icon will appear when you have a new SMS, email, calendar appointment, call or social media notification.

Incoming Caller ID is a feature though so you'll know who is calling you and there are a number of colours available including blue, green, purple and white. The Cookoo 2 is comprised of a Urban Explorer collection and a Sporty Chic collection, with both requiring no charging and offering 10 ATM water resistance.

PRICE: $149.99 from