(Pocket-lint) - Professional athletes improve performance by measuring their efforts, analysing data and targeting how to train. Thanks to wearables we can start to do this but not as effectively as possible, until now. Stryd is a new wearable that offers runners the ultimate readout: power.

Power meters are not a new thing, cyclists have been using them for years. But measuring power on a bike is far easier than on a runner. Stryd says it's cracked this and can now offer real-time power output to runners.

The problem with current metrics like speed, pace, heart rate and the like is that they are inconsistent. Variations in temperature, wind speed, incline, diet and more can all change what the runner thinks he or she is achieving. By measuring in watts of power the number is objective in spite of external variations. Ultimately this allows the runner to train at a constantly progressive level.

Power will also allow improvements in form to appear instantly. In one example a runner, who is moving at 315 watts, is told to lower shoulders and shorten stride. His power drops to 270 watts while pace remains the same – meaning he is going at the same pace but using less energy.

Stryd will work with current running watches like the Garmin 920XT or Android and iOS smartphones via ANT+ or Bluetooth.

Stryd is currently available on Kickstarter from $149, which is about £98, and should be shipped in September.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.