Worried you've eaten too many mince pies already this Christmas? You aren't alone it seems, well, you aren't alone in worrying about it.

According to a new survey, the UK population is so worried about pilling on the pounds over the holiday season that over 42 per cent of Brits have used a fitness application in the last week.

If that wasn't enough to drive you towards a healthy salad, over half of the UK population believes that wearable tech and fitness apps have helped them care more about their health in general.

The survey, carried out by O2, shows that fitness and in particular the urge to don a wearable this Christmas, and beyond, is finally becoming a thing rather than something done and worn by just a select few.

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Most worry about steps or movement however, the most popular apps revolve around calories. A whopping 60 per cent of those questioned used their mobile tech to count calories.

Monitoring your fitness and calories is probably going to come in handy over the next couple of weeks. The average Brit consumes around 7,000 calories of food and drink on Christmas day alone from snacking on alcohol, nuts, chocolate and mince pies as well as the traditional turkey dinner.
The new research from O2 also goes on to say that 57 per cent of Brits believe that wearable technology and health and fitness apps have helped them to care more about their health in general.

However, it's not always that easy to find an app people are happy with, or one that does everything they need. Most surveyed admitted to downloading over three different applications in the last year to help support or build a healthier lifestyle.

The independent survey carried out by OnePoll questioned 2000 random people across the UK, from all age demographics (18+), and statistically split so there is a significant number from each area, enough to be representative of all the different regions rather than just people walking into an O2 store.