(Pocket-lint) - Jawbone has announced the third generation of its activity tracker in the UP3 alongside a more affordable tracker called UP Move.

For the first time the UP3 will now track heart rate, offer deeper sleep data and automatically detect exercise as well as being waterproof for swim tracking.

Jawbone has also announced the UP Move which, at £40, is its most affordable activity tracker yet. This features a clip to attache to clothes and can be docked into a wrist band when needed, although this is an extra £11, or £23 for a pack of three colours.


The UP3 features an acceleromoter for movement tracking, bioimpedance sensors for heart rate, galvanic skin response and respiration rate, and temperature sensors for ambient and skin heat.

The new band will offer resting heart rate variations initially, analytics into sleep and activity tracking.  Hydration tracking, respiration rates and stress tracking will come in updates which will now be over the air.

The UP3 will last seven days on a charge with water resistant to 10m so you can swim. It will know the type of swimming you're doing. UP3 automatically detects workout type so you just start and after it will automatically classify that. If you need to define it once it will remember that for future versions, like yoga or skiing for example.

Optical heart rate sensors, found on a lot of wearables now are large and drain battery. The UP3 measures from your resting heart rate using bioelectric sensors. On demand heart rate will be available in a later update and will still offer 7 days battery.


Sleep can now be measured on four levels: awake, light, REM and deep sleep. This should offer deeper insights that ultimately lead to a better night's kip.

Smart Coach is a new feature that brings all the data into one platform. The more you use the product the more data it will have and the better coaching you will get. So sleep in relation to exercise will be compared clearly. Your fatigue, diet and stress levels can be seen in relation to diet, exercise and sleep. If you walk less as a result of going to bed late it will remind you to get an early night, for example.

The app data is still open source meaning it will work with other hardware and apps like Microsoft Health, Apple Watch, Android Wear, Pebble and more.

The Jawbone UP3 will be out in "the winter" for £150. The Jawbone UP Move will be £40 and goes up for pre-order on 5 November and will be available later in the month.

Writing by Luke Edwards.