(Pocket-lint) - Jawbone has released a new version of the Up activity and lifestyle app, enabing compatible devices - such as an Android Wear device, Pebble smartwatch, Apple Watch, or any wearable connected via Apple's Health app - to join the Up community and experience what Jawbone has to offer.

The new Up app now pulls data from sensors and motion coprocessors in devices to give you access to activity-tracking tools and intelligent coaching, according to Jawbone. It also "connects seamlessly" to a range of new wearables, including Android Wear devices and Apple Watch. Other features include step-tracking, food-logging, personalised guidance and feedback, "Today I will" goal prompts, and sleep monitoring.

In other words, Jawbone wants you to know that is has legitimate system that you can use with rival wearables (not just the Up fitness bracelet). But that's not all: Jawbone has opened a device-connectivity framework for manufacturers, meaning they can now build products that work with Up's software. And the Up app will further integrate and connect you to other apps and services such as RunKeeper, Strava, Sleepio, and Up Coffee.

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Jawbone's new Up app will be available for Android (and Android Wear), Windows Phone, and Pebble later this month as a free download from each platform's respective app store. The Up app for iOS will launch after iOS 8 releases. It will also be available at no charge.

Writing by Elyse Betters.