(Pocket-lint) - A pillow need not be a dumb lump of comfy awesomeness that you bury your head into, it can be smart too.

The Hoodie Pillow was made to hold your phone with portholes for tangle-free headphone listening. It also has a drawstring hoodie to keep you warm or cover your eyes to sleep in the day. Yes students, we're looking at you. But it can do more.

Thanks to the pouch which holds a person's phone it can double as a smart sleep tracker. Lots of sleep tracking apps, which can be downloaded for free, require users to place their phones on or under pillows. By using the phone-holder these apps can accurately track your sleeping patterns for a clear readout when you wake.

The Hood Pillow is available now for a wallet-friendly £25.95. It's made from an 80/20 cotton and polyester blend and fits around standard bed pillows. Plus it's machine washable, for those droolers out there.

Making devices smart is the way everyone is going right now. But that usually means shelling out more money for yet another gadget that needs charging. By using something you have already, in your phone, the Hoodie Pillow manages to achieve smart status without costing you too much. Perhaps this is a safe first step for those looking to invest in making their home more smart.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.