(Pocket-lint) - There's a wearable health-tracking device for just about every form of activity and function these days. But did you know there was one for breathing?

Spire is "the first tracker" and app for activity, breath, and state of mind. It not only monitors your breathing patterns but also provides real-time insights into whether you're feeling focused, tensed, and frazzled. It'll also serve up tips on how to get focused. The tracker even features alert and activity reminders. Examples include a friendly reminder to take a deep breath every 30 minutes or to recharge with slow breathing for a few moments.

The team behind Spire believes that your mental health, well-being, and breathing are all closely correlated, and it hopes Spire will help you to connect the dots and ultimately maintain inner peace throughout your day, no matter the situation. And if you want to do some basic health-tracking while you're at it, there's no need to purchase another device. Spire collects data on your body activity and encourages you to achieve total physical health.

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The Spire sports a computer-cut stainless steel dhip, parametric polymeter shell, 7-day battery, advanced sensor and radio suite, Qi compatible wireless charging, and a medical-grade TPU cover. You can clip the stoned-shape device to your belt or anywhere close to the body and start tracking immediately. And after, when Spire's battery runs low, you can just drop it onto the included charging pad.

Spire is available for pre-order now. It costs $109 on the company's website. The official retail price will be $149 however when it starts shipping in September. Watch the video above for more information.

Writing by Elyse Betters.