Jawbone has released a new version of its Up activity tracker, called the Up24. Unlike its predecessor this new model features wireless connectivity.

The original Up, while stylish, required physical plugging into the headphone port of a device in order to sync. The Up24 uses Bluetooth to sync with iOS and Android (4.3 and above) mobiles.

The cost of going wireless? Battery life has gone from ten days to seven, so not a big problem then. And it's still more than Nike's FuelBand SE (a week) or the Fitbit Flex (five days). The Up24 will track step activity and sleep but now also offers goals to keep users motivated.

The new "Today I Will" feature sets a daily goal based on the user's unique patterns, from increasing water uptake – which can be logged on the app – to a step goal or sleep time.

The Jawbone Up24 goes on sale 26 March for £125 in Onyx (black) or Persimmon (red).

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