Kiroco has launched a new range of jewellery that will let you touch your smartphone to get a special message from your loved one.

Called Kiroco Touch, the jewellery (that's jewelry for our readers in the US) contains an NFC chip that will allow interaction with your smartphone.

There are a wide range of different styles abailable from the £125 orb with Swarovski crystals through to the £16.50 K bracelet. There are a range of colours, designs and metals so you can pick something special for that important person in your life. 

At the heart of the system is the smartphone app to which your jewellery is registered. This will allow the person who gave it to you to send you messages, with an alert arriving on your phone. Touching the jewelley to your device will trigger the message via NFC.

There's the option to send photos or video, so you could record special messages to be delivered romantically. Sure, you could just send a WhatsApp message, but what's special about that, eh?

The Kiroco Touch range was launched at the Wearable Technology Conference in London and is available today on