(Pocket-lint) - Healbe has introduced its GoBe wearable that will track your calories consumed and burned by measuring your glucose levels. This is a new approach to food tracking, so you don't have to manually enter in details through an app, like other solutions.

Offering three days on one charge, the GoBe uses Healbe Flow Technology with three sensors to read the amount of glucose found in your cells. GoBe can also track activity, hydration, sleep, and stress levels, all while being waterproof.

GoBe communicates via Bluetooth, and users can view their data on the Healbe web portal, and on their smartphones using an iOS or Android-compatible app. The apps will also have goals and competitions among friends.

GoBe brags itself as being the "original 100 per cent automatic body manager".

"We live in an age of information, and yet 98% of diets fail," Artem Shipitsyn, founder and CEO of Healbe, said. "Wearable technologies are trying to solve this problem, but I found that none had succeeded in making it easy for people to know whether they're getting the right amount of food, water, exercise and sleep."

Healbe has begun funding the project on Indiegogo. It initially set a goal of $100,000, but has blown past it quickly with $500,000 in backing from the community. It plans to make GoBe widely available as soon as June 2014.

The GoBe is priced at $189 for the Indiegogo campaign, but will cost $299 when it eventually hits the broader market. Healbe is also offering other packages on Indiegogo, including a dual pack for $324.

Fitness trackers like the Jawbone Up and FitBit Force have counted steps and sleep in the past, but haven't been as advanced as what GoBe is offering. 

Let's see if GoBe can live up to its promises.

Writing by Jake Smith.