Jawbone has introduced a new Up app for the iPhone that doesn't require an Up fitness band, and it has only one core purpose: caffeine tracking.

Called Up Coffee, Jawbone's new app will monitor your caffeine intake from coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, and much more. Just enter the type of beverage, then the size or amount you ingested, and Up Coffee will serve up a visualisation of its effect on your body. It even has a rating system that includes terms like "edgy", "wired", and "sleep ready".

Jawbone wants Up Coffee to help consumers understand more about their caffeine choices by correlating caffeine intake and projected sleep time. You can therefore sync data from your UP or UP24 band (though it isn't required) to see more data bout how caffeine consumption disrupts sleep patterns. After tracking for 10 days, UP Coffee can determine how much sleep you lose for every 100mg of caffeine you ingest.

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"With billions of people around the world enjoying coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks each day, the UP Coffee app delivers daily insights with new information on caffeine that’s relevant to you," added Jawbone. "It can tell you how much caffeine is in a cup of decaf coffee – nearly half as much as a can of caffeinated soda – and that drinking three to six cups of coffee per day may provide similar hydrating qualities as water."

Jawbone's UP Coffee for iOS app is now available as a free download from the App Store.