Once again the ever-reliable FCC has outed another device trying to fly under the radar. In this case Bowflex, famed for making weights, had already announced its Boost sports tracker wrist wear. But now we know it's due in September.

Another sports tracker, what's special about this one? - we hear you cry. Unlike the Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone Up, or Fitbit Flex the Bowflex Boost is going to be cheap, really cheap.

The US price will be $50 (£32), making it way less than the cheapest out now in the £80 Flex. Despite the price you'll still get a step tracker and even sleep monitoring with easy syncing to your smartphone app using Bluetooth.

We imagine there must be a catch, but can't see one just yet. As long as Bowflex offers access to third-party apps like MapMyRun, and manages to offer a decent battery life, this could be a winner.