Clip the Sportiiiis heads up display to your glasses and you’ll be able to monitor your fitness levels as you work out.

Fitness fanatics will be able to monitor their heart rate, speed (when running or cycling), power, cadence and pace with a visual display that sits right before their eyes at the bottom of the glasses lenses, so you still have full vision of what’s in front of you. 

Should you begin to fall below your target or overexert yourself, the multi-coloured LED boom will change according to your BPM, flashing red if you're not trying hard enough, yellow if you're working too hard or settling on green when you’re in your designated “zone”.

With an audio feedback that can be accessed by simply tapping the side of the device, the Sportiiiis device provides runners and cyclists with a "personal coach" that helps them enhance their performance.

While it might not have the clout of Google’s augmented reality specs, Project Glass, the Sportiiiis (pronounced Sports-eyes)  is available now, at a reduced rate of $149 from

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