(Pocket-lint) - It's refreshing to see a gadget designed with women in mind that isn't either garishly pink or purposely styled to match a handbag/miniature dog combination. It's also refreshing to find one that's as tech-laden as it is fashionable. And we think the Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet is such a device.

Essentially a plain, conventional bangle, the bracelet comes with an OLED screen and Bluetooth v2.1 and can hook up to a mobile phone in order to control some functionality without having to take it out of a bag.

For starters, there's Caller ID, with the bracelet displaying the name of the person on the phone. Plus, there's the ability to reject a call from the jewellery itself, by pressing a button - so that you don't have to rummage for your phone just to stop it ringing.

But, perhaps the best feature is that the bracelet can be set to vibrate when it moves more than 20 metres away from the paired phone, ensuring that you don't forgot your phone or bag, or to tell you that someone's stealing your items.

The Ladies Bluetooth Fashion Bracelet with Time Display, to give it its full name, is available for £17.53 from Chinavision, which does ship to the UK. As it's also available wholesale, we suspect it may even make it over to some of the cooler gadget retailers in the British Isles.

Writing by Rik Henderson.