Jawbone, maker of funky headsets, has announced its latest product, Up. Think of Up as like one of those charity wristbands that have been popular over the last few years, except much cleverer.

And that's because Up features a sophisticated motion-tracking engine that helps you monitor a number of key aspects when it comes to your health.

“The MotionX engine inside the Up band is the result of years of technology development and innovation. MotionX is both extremely accurate and power-efficient, which is critical in delivering a 24/7 product experience small enough to wear," said Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower, developer of the MotionX technology.

Combined with the free iPhone app, Up allows you to keep track of your activity by monitoring steps, calories burned, distance, pace, and active versus inactive time throughout the day; your sleep  including hours slept, time to fall asleep, phases of sleep (deep versus light) and overall sleep quality; and finally what you've eaten.

You take photos of the food you've eaten and the app analyses this along with info such as where you’re eating and when you’ve eaten.

The wristband is designed to be worn 24/7 and will even give you reminders during the day to eat, be active or rest. You can also join fellow Up users on an online community to help you stay motivated.

"As the global health crisis mounted, we felt a strong sense of responsibility to see if we could leverage our resources, talents, and ecosystem to try and help make a difference," said Hosain Rahman, Jawbone CEO and founder.

"Up is Jawbone's first step in giving people tools to become engaged as consumers of their own health. It's a complete system designed to integrate seamlessly into one's total lifestyle, 24 hours a day, not just the few times a week people may work out."

The Up band comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and seven colours and will be available for $99.99 on 6 November. A global launch is planned for later in the year.