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(Pocket-lint) - Garmin's range of fitness trackers and GPS watches are some of the most popular accessories for tech fans. Whether you're a beginner runner or a seasoned athlete, Garmin will have something for you to help your training. 

Garmin has a wide range of devices and they offer great compatibility with smartphones, so many also choose a Garmin when they want a smartwatch, because it's loaded with useful features. With regular sales through the likes of Prime Day, the annual sales event at Amazon makes a great it a great time to buy.

When is Prime Day 2022?

Amazon has confirmed that the event will take place on 12-13 July, although some deals will go live from 21 June.

That sees Prime Day return to its regular position in the middle of the year, having moved around a little during 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic.

Prime Day normally runs for 48 hours and we suspect that will happen around 12 July. While there are usually a couple of core Prime Day days, there are often sales in the week before and sometimes continuing in the following weeks too. We will keep track of this date and let you know as soon as it becomes public knowledge.

What Garmin devices will be discounted on Prime Day?

The great thing about Garmin is that the devices have a long life. Thanks to a slow refinement of features, watches that are a few years old are just as capable as the lastest devices - and it's normally the slightly older devices that get the best discounts. 

With new models at the top of the range - with the Fenix 7 and Forerunner 955 - we expect the slightly older generation to see some of the best deals. That would suggest to us that the Fenix 6 Pro might see some big discounts as it did on Black Friday. 

But it's also likely that we'll see discounts from the entry-level up to the top, so whatever model of Garmin you're looking for, you're sure to find something that suits.

What to consider when buying a Garmin watch

With so many models available, it can be confusing when considering which Garmin model you should buy. The most important thing is to think about what you'll actually use it for and how many features you actually need. 

Garmin divides its range in a number of categories, which basically divide as follows: 

  • Fenix - Premium multisport watches for those who want the best of everything
  • Venu - Garmin's smartwatch line, providing an alternative to the Apple Watch and others
  • Forerunner - Top-tier GPS sports watches with a focus on catering for runners
  • Vivoactive - Everyday fitness watches that are best for gaining basic insights into all kinds of activity
  • Vivomove - Hybrid watches that can track activity discreetly
  • Instinct - Rugged GPS watch designed for the outdoors

There are some devices outside of this - like the Epix - but these are the most common sub-brands to think about. 

Forerunner is the most attractive to runners or those principally focused on exercise, and the higher the number, the further up the scale it is. For Prime Day, we'd expect sales of the Forerunner 45, but many will opt for the 245 or 255 instead. 

Take some time to see what is on offer: at a basic level, all Garmin devices will offer you heart rate tracking and GPS, and most will work with a wide ecosystem of devices - but some have much more advanced metrics to help you get the most from your training or offer better tracking options and battery life for longer adventures. 

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Writing by Chris Hall.