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(Pocket-lint) - For many cyclists, Garmin is the name they turn to when looking for a bike computer. Thankfully, the Black Friday sales are serving up some deals so you can get your stats for less.

There are discounts on the Garmin Edge 130 Plus, Edge 530 and Edge 830, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus - save $50

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus sits at the entry-level of Garmin's Edge devices, but it offers enough to give you the essentials about your ride. It will connect to other devices and display essential information. There's no mapping, however, and although it will do breadcrumb route tracking, there's no rerouting if you go off course.

Garmin Edge 530 - save $50

The Edge 530 is a very competent device, offering colour mapping and giving you a lot more freedom to explore. It only has button controls (no touchscreen), but it's also compatible with things like power meters and indoor trainers.

Garmin Edge 830 - save $50

The Edge 830 sits towards the top of the Edge family, offering a touchscreen on top of the Edge 530's offering giving more flexibility in how you interact.

Why buy a Garmin Edge?

Garmin dominates in the sports tracking arena thanks to its mature ecosystem of devices. Thanks to Garmin Connect, all the data you gather on a Garmin Edge device can be examined once you return from your ride.

That also allows you to import or plan routes and push them to compatible Edge devices. These devices will also Bluetooth and ANT+ accessories such as heart rate monitors or bike sensors - and those don't have to be Garmin sensors, there's broad support across lots of brands.

With good battery life, clear displays and ease of use, the Garmin Edge is the choice of many cyclists.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.