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(Pocket-lint) - The price of the Fitbit Inspire HR has just tumbled, meaning you can get your hands on a Fitbit for not a lot of money on Black Friday.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 is a popular fitness tracker band, with display. 


Fitbit Inspire 2 - save 36%

The Fitbit Inspire 2 joined the line-up of Fitbit trackers in 2020, a second-gen model for the fitness tracking band, and the cheapest entry-point to the Fitbit ecosystem.

That makes it a good option for those who want to keep track of activity like steps and active minutes, check the time and get smartphone notifications from a slim and customisable device. It's also waterproof and offers sleep tracking, with heart rate tracking to give you a guide as to how hard you've been working.

Integration with the Fitbit platform is one of the biggest benefits of the Fitbit Inspire 2: there are other similar trackers that are cheaper, but they're not supported by the same slick app and ecosystem as Fitbit, which is why this deal is worth snapping up. 

Syncing with your phone, you'll be able to record all your stats and see how active you've been at a glance, while the smartphone app will also allow you to record other data directly on your phone.

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