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(Pocket-lint) - Sports watches can be really useful additions to your workout routines and general wellbeing, but they're often really pricey and that can make it hard to know how to pick one up without such a big budget. 

Finding a great sports watch that doesn't cost the earth but still has all the core features you might be in need of can be a challenge, but one example of a great device comes in the form of the Haylou LS05S, a brilliant fitness tracker that has loads of features - check out some of its most impressive details, right here. 

Superb display and design

The Haylou LS05S has a pretty brilliant design, we think you'll agree - it can compete with almost any other smartwatch when it comes to the looks department. At its heart is a 1.28 inch TFT color screen with 240x240 HD capabilities that looks vibrant and bright under any lighting conditions.


It's a screen that's big enough to be really useful and easy to read, but carefully designed to still be extremely comfortable to wear. The watch comes with a nano-silicone wristband that's flexible and comfortable, and you can also easily buy it with an extra wristband in case you want a spare. 

The metal construction of the watch's frame is sturdy and hard-wearing, meanwhile, with two function buttons to let you control the watch easily. 

Great fitness tracking

Of course, a good sports watch needs to be able to track sports, which is why Haylou has included 12 different tracking modes across a range of activities. Each of these uses the watch's high-precision sensors to monitor your body as you work out, letting you raise your wrist to check in on your progress whenever you like. 

It's got a next-generation heart rate sensor on board to ensure that your heart rate is recorded with pinpoint accuracy, but all this is paired with AI and algorithms that make the readings even more precise, so that you can get brilliant, accurate data whether you're in the middle of a workout or you're sitting at home watching a movie. 

Superb battery performance

Of course, another huge part of any smartwatch's performane is how long it can actually last - there are loads of very impressive, and very popular models out there that don't make it through a 24-hour day without needing to be topped up, after all. 

The Haylou LS05S has unbelievable specs on this front - it can lat for two weeks easily, and up to 20 days under optimal conditions, thanks to its huge lithium battery. When you pair that with the fact it has IP68 dust and water-proofing, you get a watch that you can rely on completely. 

Incredible value

All these specs and details are really impressive, especially in the wider context of the industry, but it's the sheer value offered up by Haylou that makes it all come together so impressively. You can grab the Haylou LS05S for just $39.99 worldwide, a price that makes a mockery of more expensive alternatives.

You can find out more about the sports watch and order one or yourself right here, and be sure to use the voucher code LS05S328 to get a nice $5 discount when you're checking out!

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