(Pocket-lint) - Withings is a company dedicated to helping you live a healthier life. It not only has numerous activity trackers to monitor how much you move, but it also has a sleep system, smarthome camera, baby monitor, blood pressure monitor and Wi-Fi scales within its portfolio.

Many of the devices in the Withings' offering all feed information into the Health Mate app to offer you an all round look at your lifestyle, from how active you are to how well you sleep. It has five options when it comes to activity trackers and that's what this feature is all about.

We want to help you work out which of those five trackers might be the right one for you. There are of course plenty of other activity trackers out there but if Withings is the path you have chosen, here are all the activity trackers it offers in more detail.


Withings Go

The Withings Go is the newest activity tracker in the French company's offering and it is also the cheapest. It makes tracking simple offering just an E Ink display with no buttons, lights or anything else to decode.

The Go will automatically track walking, running, swimming and sleeping, with the screen displaying your progress in the form of a circle and lines leading to a complete circle. It will also function as a watch on demand and it offers an 8-month battery life so no need to charge it every few nights.

The Withings Go comes in yellow, red, blue, green and dark grey colour options and it will sync to the Health Mate app to offer detailed graphs and stats of your activity. It can be worn as a clip-on device, on your wrist or simply placed in a pocket.


The Withings Go is a cheap, simple and subtle way to monitor your activity and get an idea about how much you're moving.

PRICE: £49.95


Withings Pulse Ox

The Withings Pulse Ox is the oldest activity tracker from Withings, but it is also the smartest when it comes to the metrics it tracks. The Pulse Ox will measure steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep but it will also track heart rate, elevation gained and SPO2, which is the levels of oxygen in your blood.

It isn't suitable for swimming and it doesn't offer a silent alarm, but the digital display will show you your metrics in real-time without the need to open the app and you can also compare how your are doing in comparison to previous days.

The Pulse Ox is said to offer a two-week battery life and all data is transferred to the Withings Health Mate app via Bluetooth LE where you will find more detailed graphs and the ability to set various goals or challenge friends. This particular Withings tracker comes in black and blue colour options and like the Go, it can be worn as a wrist-worn device, a clip on device or simply slipped into a pocket, sock or handbag.


The Withings Pulse Ox is the most advanced of the Withings trackers offering a variety of stats for a reasonable price.

PRICE: £79.95

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Withings Activité Pop

The Withings Activité range looks more like a traditional watch than an activity tracker and the Pop is the cheapest in the line-up. The Activité Pop has an analogue display that presents the time, while a secondary dial on the face shows your step goal progress for that day.

The Activité Pop measures steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep but unlike the Pulse Ox, it doesn't offer heart rate, elevation or blood oxygen levels. In place of these metrics however, the Pop is water resistant to 5 ATM and offers swimming tracking, as well as a silent alarm.

Most of the data collected by the Pop is displayed in the app, with only a rough guide of the number of steps taken shown on the device itself. You get the same app functionality as the Pulse Ox though, apart from the metrics the Pop doesn't offer. The Withings Activité Pop comes in Blue Azure, Wild Sand, Shark Grey and Coral Pink colours, all of which are silicone straps.


The Withings Activité Pop is the Withings device for those that want a colourful watch replacement that also tracks basic activity.

PRICE: £119.95

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Withings Activité Steel

The Withings Activité Steel is one of the newer activity trackers from the company and the newest in the Activité range. It follows the same principle as the Activité Pop above, offering an analogue display for the time, as well as a secondary dial for displaying steps taken as a percentage of a user-defined goal.

Like the Pop, the Steel will measure steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep and it also offers swim tracking, as well as a silent alarm. Exactly the same app functions as the Pop apply, with detailed graphs and metrics displayed through Health Mate rather than on the device itself.

The difference between the Pop and the Steel is the materials used. The Steel has a stainless steel casing and comes with a black face and black strap or white face and a variety of different coloured strap options. The Pop has an aluminium case with coloured faces that match the respective strap. The Withings Activité Steel comes in 18 options in total.


The Withings Activité Steel is a great option for those who want a watch replacement that also tracks basic activity but in a more premium package than the Activité Pop.

PRICE: From £139.95

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Withings Activité

The original Activité was the first in the Activité range and it is the most expensive of not just the Activité collection, but all of the Withings trackers. It offers exactly the same features as the Pop and the Steel so that analogue time is present again, alongside the secondary dial for step progress.

Just in case you've forgotten, the Activité will track steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, sleep, swimming and there is a silent alarm feature on board. It won't calculate elevation, heart rate or blood oxygen levels like the Pulse Ox.

Where the original Activité sets itself apart from the other two devices in the Activité portfolio falls down again to materials. The Withings Activité comes with a calf leather strap, a stainless steel case like the Steel but it's black or white face is covered with sapphire crystal, while the Steel opts for glass. Only two colour options are available though - a black face and black strap or white face and brown strap. For swimming, a separate silicone strap is required.


The Withings Activité is for those that have the cash to splash and are after a Swiss-Made watch replacement that tracks basic activity like the other Activité devices, but with much more premium materials on board.

PRICE: £320

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.