Best Fitbit fitness tracker 2022: Which Fitbit is right for you?

The Inspire 2 features a more refined design than its predecessors and many of the same features, but doubles the battery life and adds a couple of extras. (image credit: Fitbit)
The cheapest tracker in Fitbit's offering. It has all-day sleep and activity tracking, smartphone notifications, interchangeable straps and it's swim proof. (image credit: Fitbit)
Like the Inspire but with heart rate monitoring, more advanced sleep data, VO2 Max, Goal-Based exercise modes and Connected GPS. (image credit: Fitbit)
Luxe is a stylish tracker with a premium design and many of the Inspire 2's features. There's also stress management and SpO2, but no NFC or built-in GPS. (image credit: Fitbit)
The Charge 4 has everything the Luxe does, but it adds NFC for Fitbit Pay, Spotify controls, an altimeter and has built-in GPS. It's not as stylish though. (image credit: Fitbit)
The Versa 3 steps into smartwatch territory, offers built-in GPS, a built-in speaker and Google Assistant on top of Amazon Alexa. There is also fast charging. (image credit: Fitbit)
The Versa 2 offers most of what the Charge 4 has, but it adds apps and built-in Alexa. There's no built-in GPS, but the Versa 2 has phone-free music. (image credit: Fitbit)
The Sense offers more features than the Versa, such as an EDA sensor, skin temperature sensor and the ability to take an ECG. (image credit: Fitbit)
The Ionic is more sportswatch in its design than Sense. It has built-in GPS, 5ATM, NFC and smartphone notifications. There are no voice assistants though. (image credit: Fitbit)

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