Best heart rate monitors 2022: Top chest straps, fitness trackers and smartwatches that can track your beats

Receive expert heart monitoring features right from your wrist with this sleek and powerful package.

(image credit: Apple)

With next-level accuracy and compatibility, the H10 is the perfect pick for serious exercisers. 

(image credit: Polar)

Hardcore insights and expert accuracy propel this device into the elite crop of sporty trackers.

(image credit: Garmin)

A well-rounded, affordable tracker that gives you the heart rate monitoring basics.

(image credit: Letscom)

A relatively affordable chest strap that excels in accuracy and comfort.

(image credit: Garmin)

Receive heart rate insights during workouts and sleep with this excellent budget fitness tracker.

(image credit: Lintelek)

A feature-filled smartwatch that gives you heart rate monitoring for a budget price tag.

(image credit: Letsfit)

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