The 15th annual Pocket-lint Gadget Awards will be taking place in the middle of November, celebrating the best devices and products across 18 categories from smartphones and games to speakers and smartwatches.

Each of the 18 categories have six nominations within them, all of which we have been reviewed by us in full at some point during the last 12 months.

As always, we have been running a series of features leading up to the main event, diving into each category and its nominees in a little more detail. We've already covered best game, best smartphone, best TV and best smart home device, among others but this feature is all about the nominations for the best fitness gadget.

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Fitbit Ace

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It's a good thing that Fitbit offers a tracker for children and has considered how younger users fit into the Fitbit world. As a parent, knowing that you create and control that account is the best part of the equation, because you're not setting up another system of data logging that's outside of your control.

The feature set of the Fitbit Ace is pared down compared to a fully-featured adult device, but the omissions aren't too consequential. It performs well, and it's only really automatic exercise detection and slicker family account sync to multiple devices that we'd like to see. The price is a little high, but as an introduction to the Fitbit world for kids, the Ace is a great starting point.

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Fitbit Versa

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The Fitbit Versa isn't the smartest of the smartwatches but it is a smarter Fitbit, serving the needs of Fitbit fans, providing a little more interaction with your smartphone, while offering you a wide suite of health tracking functions. The low price widens the appeal of the Fitbit Versa as a broadly ambitious smart watch, as does the more compact design.

For Fitbit fans, the Versa presents choice. If the Ionic was too square, too obvious and too much money, then you get a lot of the same connected experience from the Versa, all wrapped up in Fitbit's lovely lifestyle tracking app. The real decision is what you want your watch to be: if it's a lifestyle tracker, then the Versa is for you, if you want more hardcore data then it's probably not.

Pocket-lintGarmin Forerunner 645 Music image 1

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

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The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music breaks new ground for Garmin, offering a wider feature set than previous devices, including music. Sports performance is really what this watch is about. It will keep up with other smartwatches with notifications and functions, but it surpasses them in sports data. That's supported by the kind of battery life that other smartwatches can only dream about.

The 645 reduces bezel and bulk for a more slimline sports device. It's still a bulky design with its five buttons, but it's comfortable to wear, and waterproof enough for swimming and dealing with a sweat soaking. The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music promises a lot, but the music and pay additions don't really deliver...yet.

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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

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If you're looking for an all-action sports watch that tracks everything you could possibly need, does so reliably and consistently, and lasts an age, then there's nothing better than the Fenix 5 Plus. It tracks a plethora of sports and activities, is built like a tank, and can survive over a week on a single charge. 

It could still do with some improvement on the sleep tracking side, but the inclusion of built-in maps will be a major boost, especially for those who held off on 2017's Fenix 5X due to its mammoth size. The asking price will be a barrier for some. The Fenix 5 Plus costs a minimum of £599, while the Sapphire Edition model reviewed here will set you back an eye-watering £749. It's a lot of cash, but then it's perfectly matched for the hardcore fitness fanatic.

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Samsung Gear Sport

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If you're looking for a smartwatch to go with your Android device that also happens to be a great fitness and activity tracker, the Samsung Gear Sport is a very compelling device to consider.

It might not have all the apps you can get on Android Wear, but it does let you interact with your notifications, has a reliable GPS and heart-rate monitors, and can go two days between charges. What's more, it's not a super-sport-looking number that looks out of place with your daily attire. 

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Suunto 9

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The Suunto 9 is an accomplished multi-sport watch. It's a bit big and chunky, but that gives it space for a big battery - and boy does this sportswatch last and last (and last). You'll get 10 days of activities out of it no problems, so whether you're a triathlete or competing in an Iron competition, or anywhere in-between, the Suunto definitely has the stamina to keep on going.

It's not quite perfect, though. The slow syncing and the locked-down software experience will be somewhat limiting, we've had some intermittent power-off issues, while the large size also won't suit all. But in the world of smartwatches that last for barely a day or where the next closest competition can't last for as long, Suunto has a quality product on its hands that's worthy of the space on your wrist.

Voting in the 15th annual EE Pocket-lint Awards is now open so you can let us know which one of these great devices you think should win the Best Fitness Gadget award for this year and give us your verdict on all, or some, of the other tech across the 17 categories.

Winners will be announced at the exclusive event in London on 13 November in association with EE. Voting closes on 2 November.