Best fitness trackers 2021: Top activity bands to buy today

Fitbit's latest fitness tracker packs in GPS, contactless payment support and daily activity tracking. 

An entry-level tracker for those who want something that remains discreet when tracking activity basics.

The Vivoactive 4 takes the highlights from Garmin's activity tracking and presents them in a neat package.

A top sports watch that's designed for those who need more insights from their exercise.

Garmin's top-of-the-line watch takes fitness tracking to the extreme - an ideal pick for serious exercisers. 

An excellent fitness tracker in a smartwatch body packed with plenty of handy features. 

A great budget offering from Garmin that's ideal for runners.

Fitbit's premium smartwatch is an excellent health monitoring device, and fitness tracking is at the heart.

If you want a tracker that looks like a traditional watch but still packs in the smarts, this is potentially the very best pick. 

Another Garmin running watch that can log your daily activity and stream music at the same time.

A sporty, feature-packed smartwatch that allows you to keep track of your exercise and daily activity.

A less sporty Garmin offering, but this one is no slouch when it comes to tracking activity.

The cheaper variant of Polar's sports watches is still a great pick for serious exercisers.