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Fortnite es sin duda uno de los fenómenos culturales de mayor alcance de los últimos años: no hay forma de que no haya oído hablar de él. De hecho, se trata de juegos trascendidos y, como resultado, estamos completamente inmersos en un boom de grandes productos del juego.

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¿Quieres pilotar tu propio autobús de batalla alrededor de tu patio trasero? No hay problema. ¿Necesitas tu propia llama de botín para obtener más golosinas para jugar? Podemos resolverlo.

Hemos reunido una selección de los mejores equipos Fortnite que hemos visto en cualquier lugar en Internet, todo disponible para que lo compres. Aquí hay mucho para poner en tus listas de deseos.


Fortnite ATK Vehículo RC Car


Long gone are the days of having to trudge around Fortnite's map without a vehicle to speed up your progress. Ever since vehicles came in the game has sped up, and now you can have your own vehicular fun in real life, with this cheerful remote-controlled buggy.


Fortnite Battle Bus Drone


If you want to practice your control with even more freedom, though, why not pick up this drone? It'll make you the pilot of the Battle Bus yourself — just try not to drop your riders off too early!


Fortnite Boogie Bomb


This is an officially licensed Boogie Bomb. When you pull the pin, it lights up and plays music. It even comes with batteries.


Nerf Fortnite Blasters


Hasbro and Epic Games have entered into a partnership to build Nerf blasters based on in-game Fortnite designs.

Their first collaboration results in the Nerf Fortnite Elite AR-L and SP-L Blasters. The larger of the two features rapid-fire motorised blasting, flip-up sights, a 10-dart clip and 20 Elite darts, but there are a bunch more models to pick from if you prefer a different blaster.

Spirit Halloween

Pico Fortnite Unicornio


This is an officially licensed Fortnite Rainbow Smash pickaxe with movable, working wheels. It's probably one of the most iconic of all the many in-game harvesting tools. This version is plastic, obviously, and there's also a 30-inch classic pickaxe made of foam available.


Fortnite Llama Popsocket


Popsockets are neat little gadgets that make holding your phone in one hand much easier. There are several different options to choose from, including, of course, this Fortnite Popsockets stand, which features that ridiculous loot llama


Lámpara de escritorio Fortnite Boogie Bomb


In the game, the Boogie Bomb is a projectile you toss into a room of enemies (they’ll hop around five seconds while you take up a position to kill them). This 3D holographic lamp gives you a groovy version of the weapon to place wherever you want it in your home.


Funda nórdica y funda de almohada Fortnite


If someone in your household is obsessed with Fortnite to the point where they're dreaming about it, you could help out with this cute duvet cover and pillowcase set, to let them show their passion. 


Monopolio Fortnite


Of course, Fortnite's partnership with Hasbro resulted in an edition of the Monopoly game inspired by the game! With this, it's not about what players own; it’s about how long they battle their opponents and avoid the storm to survive.