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Aquí está nuestra guía de los mejores regalos de cocina. Ya sea que quieras ayudar a alguien con un hervidor de agua habilitado para aplicaciones, para que puedan hacer una taza de la cama, o si quieres mejorar su juego de cocina, lo tenemos cubierto.

Aquí hay una variedad de regalos que se adaptarán a muchos aspirantes a cocineros o cocineros.

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Mejor aún, los regalos que hemos elegido no arruinarán el banco. Aquí están nuestros aparatos de cocina favoritos.




If you know someone who really likes their cup of tea, whatever the time of day, this is the kettle to get them. This Wi-Fi connected kettle can be controlled via Alexa, or a smartphone allowing them to have a cuppa at a moment's notice. Better still, with routine support they can create numerous setups to fit in with smart home life. Just make sure they invite you for afternoon tea afterwards.


Enchufe inteligente TP-Link (Alexa y Google)


If they've already got an Amazon Echo or Google Home, then this smart plug will boost what they can do around the home. You can use a smart plug to control anything plugged into it, whether that's a lamp that turns on in hallway when they come home or merely allow them to turn on the slow cooker from the office.


Cocina de precisión Anova Sous Vide


Sous is still all the range, and if this gift is for a would-be-chef this will allow them to up their game considerably. Simply attach the Precision Cooker to any pot, add water, drop in desired food in a sealed bag or glass jar and start cooking with the touch of a button on the device. It's that simple. Who needs an oven.


Meater - Termómetro inalámbrico inteligente para alimentos cárnicos


If they are a big fan of the Sunday roast, then you'll want to get them a wireless meat thermometer that connects to your phone to tell you when your food is cooked perfectly. Able to monitor both inside and outside temperature they'll be able to sit back on the sofa and the app will tell them when everything is cooked perfectly.


Google Home Hub


This small 7-inch smart home device is perfect for checking recipes when your in the kitchen without having to get their phone out, and because it comes with Google Assistant they can even ask Google for the next instruction via a voice command.


Amazon Echo Dot con reloj


Or, if you don't want a full display to guide you through recipes, you might find Amazon's latest Echo Dot a winner. It adds a digital clock display that we've found really useful for showing timers and countdowns as they progress, giving you at-a-glance info in the kitchen, and a nice little speaker for your music to boot.


Cafetera con filtro Moccamaster


Kettles are well and good, but there's something infinitely pure about a filter coffee machine. Sweet, simple coffee, always hot, whenever you need it. The Moccamaster is as striking and retro as kitchen gear comes, and will sever them up with reliable coffee on command.


Drop D600A Kitchen Scale and Cocktail Maker


Drop is a connected scale for those that like to cook. The accompanying app for your iPhone will display the weights from under a gram to 6KG and also comes with hundreds of recipes that will automatically resize if you don't have enough of any on ingredient.

Click and Grow

Click and Grow Jardín inteligente


Herbs from the supermarket are great, but they always die pretty quickly. Why not give the gift of growing them this year regardless of the time of year. The Click and Grow Smart Garden lets them grown up to three different plant pods simultaneously thanks to a built in LED grow light. The system comes with over 50 different plant pods to pick from that have everything they'll need to successfully grow something regardless of how "green-fingered" they are.


KitchenAid mini batidora de pie


If they are a huge fan of the Great British Bake Off then they'll want to make cakes and all things baking. This KitchenAid mini stand mixer not only looks great but will whip up the perfect sponge. It's a classic bit of kitchen design and the definition of old-school tech.