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Los recortadores de barba y las maquinillas de afeitar eléctricas pueden parecer que tienen mucho en común, y en muchos casos lo hacen, pero es posible que esté buscando algo un poco menos drástico que un afeitado completo y apurado, que es donde sus diferencias son clave.

  • Las mejores máquinas de afeitar eléctricas: las mejores cortadoras y maquinillas de afeitar para el vello facial

Una recortadora, en comparación con una afeitadora, es excelente para mantener su barba uniforme sin deshacerse de ella por completo, y también puede ser de gran ayuda para peinarla dependiendo de cómo se vea. Hemos reunido algunas de las mejores opciones para que puedas ver, aquí mismo.

Nuestra guía para el mejor recortador de barba para comprar hoy


Panasonic ER-GB42


Panasonic's trimmer is dead simple, with its guard built-in and a really satisfying ring-style controller to let you adjust the length that you want. That makes it super easy not only to use, but to adjust on the fly for different sections of your facial hair. 

It's also nice to hold and easy to angle, and on top of that is really well-priced in the mid-range of the market. Cordless, its charging dock can sit on any surface in your bathroom, and we think that this is a package that will suit almost all users down to the ground.


Philips OneBlade Pro


Philips has created an interesting proposition with the OneBlade, a device that theoretically could be good for anyone's facial hair regardless of length. If you're buying it to tackle regular beard maintenance, though, we recommending forking out for the upgraded Pro version.

This comes with a charging dock, a bit more premium build quality and that all-important adjustable guard, which is far more usable than the clip-on versions that come with the more affordable OneBlades. It makes for a great package that can also shave you closer if you like. 


Philips Series 9000 BT9297 / 13


The laser atop the Philips Series 9000 is perhaps the most techy looking single component anywhere on this list, but we're not sure that it's the difference-maker for this great trimmer. It shines a red line on your face so that you can make sure you're trimming symmetrically on both sides, which can be useful.

More importantly, though, is the great performance that the trimmer cranks out, with powerful operation that doesn't get jammed easily, and a precision attachment that's great for putting the finishing touches to your beard. 


Recortadora de barba Braun BT7040


Braun is a stalwart of the hair trimming scene, and has a great trimmer in the form of the BT7040, which like others on this list features a ring-dial adjustment system for its guard. It gives you a huge amount of control over the length of your trim, which means you'll be sure to find a favourite as you use it. 

Its cordless motor gives great performance, adjusting to make sure that it always cuts at a consistent speed, while a set of different heads gives you loads of control over how exactly you style your beard out. 


BaByliss For Men Trimmer profesional para barba


Our final pick goes to BaByliss's really nicely priced trimmer that has the added bonus of a look that's a little less generic than some others on the market. Its bowed handle is easy to hold, and actually makes it really ergonomic to use, as well as looking a bit like Count Dooku's lightsaber for bonus points. 

It can work cordlessly for an hour on each charge and comes with a nice carrying case that's great for travel or storage, and its guard has the now-standard dial to let you change its length easily on the fly. It's a really solid deal at this price.