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(Pocket-lint) - Parrot has just unveiled a veritable army of new minidrones. These are now on the French version of the Parrot website.

The 13 new minidrones are affordable and there should be one for every situation. One such situation, that's new, is water.

The Parrot Hydrofoil Drone uses a hydrofoil float to allow the drone to power through the water, all for €169. This uses an add-on which attaches to the Airborne drone, which is a separate model.

The Parrot Airbone is a 58g Bluetooth controlled flying drone that uses autopilot from the FreeFlight 3 app, has a speed-measuring camera, can take VGA photos on a 1GB memory card. It charges in 25-minutes for 9-minutes of flight at up 10 11mph. This comes in Cargo and Night variants priced at €99 and €129 respectively. The Night model also has LED lights capable of Morse code signals while the Cargo model can carry small items like LEGO bricks.

Parrot has also revealed some new Jumping Drones with two wheels able to hit 32-inch jumps in height or length. These have cameras for live video capture on the 4GB memory card. Thanks to a built-in microphone you can even scare people in other rooms using the drones. The Jumping Night Drone and Race Drone are €199 with Night offering LEDs and Race going faster at 8mph.

Variations on these models make a total of 13 new offerings. Parrot plans to reveal more details, like international release plans, on 2 July.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 June 2015.