Parrot has announced two additions to its drone line-up - the smaller, more manoeuvrable Bepbop Drone and a controller accessory for iPad that adds the ability to control the drone from distances of up to 2km away.

In addition, both have support for Oculus Rift. The Bebop Drone includes a fish-eye lens and 14-megapixel sensor, boasting Full HD video, image stabilisation and a wide-angle 180-degree view. While the Parrot Skycontroller has a HDMI socket where you can attach the Oculus Rift or another virtual reality headset to get a first-person view. What's more, says Parrot, movements of the head will adjust the camera's position and therefore viewpoint.

parrot skycontroller and bebop drone include oculus rift support so you can see what your drone sees image 3

The Skycontroller can be used with any smartphone or tablet running the Parrot software. The device sits on a special shelf and control is through two side-mounted joysticks.

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The Bebop Drone has 8GB of internal storage and while you will be able to pilot it via the new controller for up to 2km, battery life is only 12 minutes on a full charge, so you may have to travel to recover it.

Both devices will be unveiled fully at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems Conference in Orlando from today, 12 May.