Parrot brought the fun to the opening night at CES 2014 with its MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo remote control robots.

The MiniDrone is a Bluetooth smartphone-controlled quadricopter that's super light but also features two removable wheels for in-air bump protection. But take the MiniDrone to a landed position and the wheels will roll allowing you to use it on the ground. It will even run up walls. The MiniDrone ditches a camera for perfectly weighted flight and a size small enough to fit in your pocket.

parrot minidrone and leaping sumo remote control bots tear up ces 2014 image 7

Parrot also let loose its Jumping Sumo robot. This is Bluetooth controlled by your smartphone, but also feeds an image back via the built-in camera. Unlike the MiniDrone this little guy is grounded, most of the time. However it is capable of jumping 80cm in the air and always lands on its wheels.

Pricing and availability for the Parrot MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo will be announced later this year.