Bored of taking apart of iDevices and the latest smartphones and tablet, teardown kings iFixit has turned its attention to Parrot's brilliant Ar.Drone.

"But it's been out for ages," we hear you cry.

Yes it has, but the iFixit guys loved playing with it so much that they struggled to find the heart to take it to bits.

Luckily for us though they finally did, and now we know exactly what makes this clever toy tick.

iFixit gave the Ar.Drone a score of 9 out of 10 for repairability and noted that:

- Each of the brushless motors runs at 28,000 RPM while the AR.Drone is hovering before accelerating to 41,400 RPM during flight.

- An expanded polypropylene (EPP) is used for much of the AR.Drone's body - that's foam to you and us.

- The motherboard boasts a Parrot 6 ARM9 468 MHz processor, a ROCm Atheros AR6102G-BM2D b/g Wi-Fi module, two Micron chips, and a vertical camera.

- The camera is 640x480 pixels and has a 93 degree front-facing wide-angle lens.

"Tons of replacement parts are available directly from Parrot's website, in addition to videos for common repairs for the device," said iFixit. "We've never seen another consumer electronics device with this much advance planning for user repair."

Parrot's Ar.Drone can be picked up for around £300, and is widely available.