GoPro won't like these videos.

The camera maker recently recalled all 2,500 Karma drones it has sold since launching the device just two weeks ago. It’s investigating reports that a small number of them lost power during operation. If your Karma lost power mid-flight and fell out of the sky, what would you do?

You'd upload the footage online.

So, PetaPixel discovered that a YouTube search (of the keywords GoPro, Karma, and crash) reveals a bunch of videos where a Karma drone takes off, records for like a minute or two minutes, and then falls like a rock.

GoPro said it is coordinating with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate the matter, but the CPSC has already confirmed it doesn't regulate drones - the FAA does - and so it won't be involved.

Still, if you own a Karma, you should return it. Check out GoPro's website to handle refunds and learn about where you can return it. If you bought a Karma with a camera, GoPro said you must return the whole setup.

The company has not said when it will issue replacement units.