GoPro is getting ready to unveil its Karma drone, so of course the company's teasing the heck out of it, including giving us a quick, first glimpse. 

GoPro has published a new Karma teaser to both Twitter and YouTube, and in each version of the teaser, there is a brief moment where you can see what we presume is GoPro's upcoming camera drone flying by. The 25-second video shows aerial drone footage of mountain bikers on a trail, then about 15 seconds into the teaser another drone comes in from the right, soaring above the bikers, before the video goes to black.

Watch for yourself: 

Thanks to PetaPixel's handy work, there are already zoomed-in, cropped stills of the drone from the teaser available online. It looks like GoPro made a super-fast quadcopter with red lights at the ends of the arms (located under the rotors).

PetaPixelthis is what gopro s karma camera drone looks like image 2

We'll know more on 19 September, when GoPro finally debuts this bad boy. A live stream should be available at