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(Pocket-lint) - There's nothing particularly professional about DJI's Mini drones. They're typically designed for consumers who want to dip their toes into aerial photography - but a new leak suggests a Pro variant could be on the way.

Notorious DJI leaker OsitaLV posted an image on Twitter that shows what appears to be the box of a DJI Mini 3 Pro, though he doesn't seem too confident in its legitimacy.

On the other hand, Jasper Ellens, who previously leaked the specs of the Mavic 3, thinks it's real. He suggests that the Mini 3 Pro will be a complete redesign compared to the Mini 2.

Jasper went on to suggest that the redesigned arms on the leaked image would create room for larger propellers.

The image also shows us a redesigned controller with a built-in display, it looks like a smaller version of DJI's painfully expensive RC Pro controller.

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If DJI's usual naming conventions are anything to go by, the DJI RC Pro controller certainly leaves room for a non-Pro edition.

If it proves real, we'd expect a significantly higher price point than its relatively affordable predecessor, the Mini 2, especially when it comes to the pictured kit.

Also clearly pictured are large sensors, hinting at the inclusion of obstacle avoidance on the upcoming model.

Whether this turns out to be a hoax remains to be seen, but given that we've not had a new DJI Mini since 2020, we're expecting a refresh sooner rather than later.

Writing by Luke Baker.