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(Pocket-lint) - DJI has invited the media to an event in New York City.

The event will take place on 24 May. Other than that, we don't know much else. The invite states "seize the moment" in all caps, and then asks journalists to join the drone-maker for a "big" (again, in all caps) announcement. All we have to gone on is the current crop of circulating rumours, which seem to think DJI will come out with its smallest drone yet, though that kind of goes against the "big" theme DJI is pushing.

Keep in mind recently leaked images of a new DJI device, supposedly called the Spark, popped up on Chinese DJI forums. It appeared to be a drone with the same foldable design of the Mavic Pro, only smaller. A leaked video of the drone also showed that it can be hand-held and has a vertical-tilting camera. Already there's a lot of speculation floating about whether it's a low-cost "selfie" drone or one meant for racing.

To be clear, it's unknown if Spark will definitely have foldable arms, considering it looks so mini. We also don't know anything about the controller and whether it comes with a companion app or not. There's a lot of unknowns right now. DJI hasn't even confirmed the Spark or that it is working on a new drone, of course, but it did recently trademark the name "Spark". So, that's something at least.

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The Mavic Pro was DJI’s smallest drone when it released. We imagine the Spark will be available at a cheaper price point for those unwilling to drop $1,000 on a Mavic Pro. Check out Pocket-lint's Best Drones guide to see what else the Spark may go up against.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 27 April 2017.