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(Pocket-lint) - DJI announced a pair of goggles last year, and now, it has finally shared full details on the device.

Called DJI Goggles, naturally, it is meant to work with the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, and Inspire series drones. It looks a lot like a traditional VR headset in many ways and makes it seem like you're sitting in a quadcopter. It provides a first-person, virtual reality-like experience of whatever the quadcopter can see, which takes your drone-piloting experience to a whole new, virtual level.

DJI said users can fly the drone and control the camera gimbal using their head movements. The goggles feature two viewing modes (one in 720p resolution at 60fps; one in 1080p at 30fps; both with a 110ms latency), a 1920x1080 resolution per eye, a navigation touchpad, a headphone jack, various ports (such as micro SD card slot, micro USB, and HDMI inputs), and a six-hour battery life.

You won't have full control over the drone’s path in the head-tracking flight mode; the drone will move forward at a set speed, and you can turn it left or right. But there is mode where someone else can control the gimbal while you fly the drone.

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The $449 DJI Goggles are available for pre-order now in the US and will start shipping in late May. We will update this piece when we learn about UK pricing and availability information.

Writing by Elyse Betters.