DJI has sent invites to the media for a press event, following a series of leaks that seem to suggest it is working on a foldable drone.

The drone maker's invite, which is for a 27 September event in New York City, teased things like "adventure at your fingertips" and "rediscover adventure with DJI", but it failed to fully reveal what's in store. However, according to new image leaks that go with a previous trademark application, DJI has developed a small, portable camera drone that collapses. It's supposedly called Mavic.

Heliguydji sets 27 september event likely for foldable mavic drone image 2

Leaks posted by Heliguy and MyFirstDrone (via Slashgear) indicate the drone will feature a 4K camera, two-axis gimbal, foldable arms, removable 3,380mAh battery, and an LCD-packing controller running Android. It'll also weigh just 1.43 pounds, making it DJI's lightest camera drone. It'll be interesting to see how this machine competes against GoPro's first drone, called Karma, which is also set to debut this month. 

Keep in mind DJI told Engadget recently that it believes the average consumer is concerned about size and ease of use when it comes to buying a drone, suggesting it thinks a compact, user-friendly option is needed in the unmanned aerial vehicle space.