(Pocket-lint) - China-based DJI is known for making drones for consumers and prosumers, but now it's tackling industries. The startup is introducing a new thermal-imaging camera that works with its Inspire One and Matrice drones.

In a demo video for the new camera, DJI emphasised how firefighters can use thermal imaging to pinpoint flames in a building, while search and rescue teams can use the technology to locate missing persons. Farmers can even use it to scan their vegetables and detect diseases on plants.

The applications are endless, basically.

DJI partnered with thermal imaging and infrared tech company FLIR Systems to develop the thermal imaging camera, called the Zenmuse XT, for some of its unmanned aerial vehicles. DJI brought its expertise in camera stabilisation, advanced flying platforms, and long-range video transmission to the project.

Meanwhile, FLIR was tasked with integrating its state-of-the-art thermal camera technology. The result is a camera that uses the same gimbal mount found on the Inspire One and Matrice, meaning it can be swapped out with other DJI cameras for use in specialised instance like we described above. Amazeballs.

Although there's no word yet on how much the Zenmuse XT will cost, it should arrive by early 2016.

Writing by Elyse Betters.