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(Pocket-lint) - DJI has announced that it will be supporting the Micro Four Thirds system. This suggests a new drone from DJI may soon arrive allowing you to swap out lenses for flight.

DJI has a history of supporting camera enthusiasts in aerial shots, without charging professional level prices. The original DJI Phantom quadcopter is able to hold GoPro cameras for video recording in the air while the Phantom 2 Vision+ has an HD camera with 3-axis stabiliser.

At this stage DJI has simply been announced as a supporter of Micro Four Thirds. This could mean a new drone capable of interchangeable lenses. The Micro Four Thirds system was established in 2008 by Olympus and Panasonic. Imagine being able to use all your Olympus or Panasonic lenses up in the air. Obviously there will be a weight limit so don't expect to zoom too far just yet.

Suggesting a new DJI drone coming soon the Olympus site, in reference to DJI and others, says: "With the addition of exciting new products from these companies, the Micro Four Thirds line-up will become much more diverse, further increasing the potential of this advanced digital imaging system."

So while this isn't a certainty we'd imagine that by supporting Micro Four Thirds DJI should be embracing what it offers, soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 13 February 2015.