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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is testing its drone delivery service, Prime Air, in Canada. This brings it closer to real-world use in the US and Europe.

Amazon Prime Air wants to have packages dropped at people's doorsteps within 30-minutes of ordering.

According to The Guardian, which got access to the secret closed testing site, Amazon has been conducting outdoor flights for the past few months. It has been developing with a former NASA astronaut and the designer of the Boeing 787 wingtip.

The Prime Air drones will operate above 200 feet where most buildings end, but below 500 feet where general aviation begins. In this band the drones will be able to reach 50mph, travel 10-mile corridors and carry up to 25kg. Amazon says that 86 per cent of its deliveries are under 2.3kg.

The drones will be able to detect and avoid objects in-flight so trees and buildings should not be an issue. The drones are also being tested for an ability to withstand wind and turbulence. There is also a focus on the environmental impact of the drones.

Currently US law does not allow Amazon to test or operate its drones within the country. Amazon is currently fighting for the right to enter the US with its drones.

A similar testing site to the Canadian facility is being setup in Wales for further European testing. Cambridge has already been home to some testing of Amazon Prime Air drones.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 30 March 2015.