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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon is really doing it, drones are really going to be making deliveries of your orders in the near future. But first it's off to India for testing.

In countries like the US there are so many laws on the land and in the air that testing drones over populated areas is apparently near impossible. So Amazon has gone to India, the second most populated country in the world, to test out its delivery drones.

The first two places to receive delivery drones will be Mumbai and Bangalore. These are the two main cities for Amazon's warehouses so it makes sense to begin shipping over-the-air from there.

Lucky for Amazon, India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation has not created any formal laws on the control of drones in the air. So, for now, Amazon has the freedom to do as it pleases. While this could be a recipe for disaster we'd imagine Amazon is taking every precaution to make sure boxes don't start dropping out of the sky on pedestrians' heads.

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The Amazon drone itself, dubbed Prime Air Drone, is an octocopter meaning it has eight rotors. Its weighs in at a hefty 25kg and can carry up to 2.26kg at speeds of 80kph. Here's hoping Amazon really has taken every precaution for safety. One of those dropping out of the sky could be a real disaster.

Even worse the Mumbai police are reported to be concerned that drones could be used to deliver bombs without anyone batting an eyelid if they become common in the skies.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 21 August 2014.