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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon talked about using drones to deliver its products but has said little else since. Now Lakemaid Beer appears to have got there first by delivering a case of beers via hexacopter.

The Wisconsin based brewery uploaded a video onto its site showing a 12 pack of its Frosty Winter Lager being delivered by its very own drone.

While the video shows off a great idea we'd love to see happen soon, very few details were revealed. In reality we'd imagine lifting that much weight wouldn't be possible for a drone of that size. This was probably a promotional video using an empty box. But the idea is great and a larger drone could probably handle the job. A lager drone, perhaps?

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Then issues of security and payment come up. Does a user pay upfront and take the risk of the shipment not arriving after a thirsty falcon decides to make an intercept? Or does the company take the risk and only release the product once you've slipped your card into the drone to pay on arrival? These are probably some of the reasons Amazon hasn’t gone beyond the suggestion stage with its drone delivery service.

But drone delivery is an exciting prospect and this video just shows the potential. If anyone can get it working it'll be Amazon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 18 March 2014.